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Active Members

This section is for members who are working and actively contributing to the ERS.

The ERS has active member services that encourage and promote pre- and post-retirement planning. The ERS is committed to providing each member with the resources necessary to anticipate future needs in order to plan and live a retirement that is emotionally, financially, and socially satisfying.

Designate a Beneficiary
An important aspect of membership in the ERS is the payment of benefits in the event of your death. Unlike most beneficiary designations, the ERS Plan specifies the first (Primary) and second (Contingent) payor of benefits when there is a spouse or eligible children (under the age of 18, under the age of 23, if a full-time student, or regardless of age if permanently disabled). The ERS Plan states the first (Primary) payor of benefits is an eligible spouse. In order to exclude a spouse from benefits, members must complete a Spousal Exclusion form. It is very important to keep your beneficiary information up to date.

See Form: Revised Designation of Beneficiaries for Active Members (For instructions, see Designating a Beneficiary - Active Members

See Form: Spousal Exclusion

Address or Name Change
Active employees must change their address and/or name with the Commission's Personnel Office. The Commission's system, for active employees only, will automatically update your records with the ERS through a software interface.

You can contact the Commission's Personnel Office at (301) 454-1703.

Terminating Employment with the Commission and Withdrawal of Contributions
Members who terminate employment with the Commission have several different options.

See: Resignation/Termination Retirement Benefit Options. You should refer to the Summary Plan Description of your Plan for a complete description of your benefits and options available to you.

Only members who terminate employment with the Commission can withdraw their contributions.

If you terminate employment with the Commission and leave your contributions with the ERS it is very important you keep your address current and personal information up to date.

Your address or name may be changed at any time be either: completing a Notice of Change Form; or, writing a letter to the ERS indicating the new address and/or name and the effective date of the change. All change requests MUST be signed by the member.

See Form: Notice of Change

Buy Back Credited Service (MCGEO Employees Only)

Request a Retirement Benefit Estimate

The ERS staff conduct workshops at many of the Commission's facilities for active employees. The workshops provide information on the ERS' services and give you an opportunity to meet the ERS staff and ask retirement related questions.

You can review the Plan Document or the Summary of Plan Description for your respective plan, which should answer any question(s) you may have on contributing to the ERS, becoming vested, purchasing service, qualifying for retirement and more.

The ERS staff are here to explain and help you to understand your benefits. Please feel free to call the Member Relations Team or stop by our office.

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