Who We Are

Our Mission

Throughout 90 plus years of service, The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) has endeavored to improve the quality of life for all of the citizens of the bi-county area it serves and of the communities in which these citizens live, work and raise their families. This mission is embodied in three major program areas which respond to the vision of our founders and are incorporated into our charter. M-NCPPC’s mission is to:

  • Manage physical growth and plan communities.
  • Protect and steward natural, cultural and historic resources.
  • Provide leisure and recreational experiences.

Our Vision

Created in 1927, The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) embodies the vision of forward-looking community leaders who saw the need to plan for orderly development and protection of the natural resources in the 2 suburban counties bordering the District of Columbia. During the agency’s proud, 90 plus years of existence, the population of the area it serves has increased to approximately 2 million residents in a bi-county area of great economic, racial, ethnic and geographic diversity.

M-NCPPC’s facilities, programs and responsibilities have constantly evolved and expanded to keep pace with the needs of this vibrant community. From assuming responsibility for the entire public recreation program in Prince George’s County in the ’70s, to building and strengthening ongoing regional business partnerships, M-NCPPC has continued to plan, fund and deliver quality, innovative programs, facilities and services for over three-quarters of a century. M-NCPPC benefits the citizens of Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties by “Turning Visions into Reality.”

Our Strategic Plan

The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) is many things to the people who live in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties. Some know us as professional planners who work to design and shape quality communities and neighborhoods, roads and transportation systems, services and facilities for today’s residents and for future generations. Others picture us as the protector and preserver of more than 52,000 acres of parkland, trails and open space. Many see the agency as the provider of first-class recreational activities and facilities for citizens of all ages and ability levels. For others, still, M-NCPPC is talented, helpful staff members and thousands of dedicated volunteers. But no organization can function without a plan.

In order to achieve our Mission and best serve the citizens of the bi-county area, M-NCPPC will:

  • Continuously Improve Service Delivery
  • Focus on Mission-Driven Core Services
  • Incorporate Contemporary Technologies
  • Integrate a System of Performance Measurement
  • Maintain Management and Employee Accountability
  • Prioritize Our Capital Improvement Program
  • Provide Customer Focused Programs
  • Seek New Revenues and Sources of Funding