Credit Union Deduction Request

Retirees may elect to have a deduction withheld directly from the retirement benefit and deposited into the retiree’s Credit Union account by completing an Authorization for Credit Union Deductions from Retirement Annuity Form.

To change a current your current Credit Union authorization form, simply submit a new deduction form to the ERS at All change requests submitted to the ERS by the 9th day of the month will be effective the 1st of the following month. Changes received after the 9th will not be effective until two months later. Retirees are responsible for notifying the credit union of changes.

All Credit Union deduction requests must be signed by the retiree or authorized representative. Authorized Representatives should call the ERS Office for direction on submitting proper legal documentation, which must be approved by the ERS.

For information on the benefits of joining the Commission’s Federal Credit Union visit their website.